Ryan’s Goals

Why I'm Running


Having been born and raised here in the Coulee Region, Ryan knows us. He knows what’s important to us. A quality education for our kids, a strong economy with good jobs where we can provide for our families, safe communities where the police and fire fighters are respected and supported and access to the world class health care we have here are values we all share.

Ryan believes we have a rare opportunity to send a strong voice to Madison. A change is needed in Madison to make sure our belief in individual rights and limited government is the policy in Wisconsin. Ryan will listen to each of us and work with folks from across the state to bring the changes needed.



It’s no secret that our state and nation are struggling. The cost of food, gas, housing, almost everything continues to go up. Where our nation was going strong just a couple of years ago, we are now falling short. The policies coming from Madison and Washington have done untold damage. Ryan knows how inflation, high taxes and oppressive regulation can put real pressure on our family budgets. He will vote to lower the tax burden on each of us and support policies that will encourage investment in jobs and our communities.

Safe Communities

Ryan and Sheriff Wolf 7 (07-28-2022)

The bedrock of any community is public safety. Moms, dads, grandparents and children should all feel they live in a town that is safe from criminals who would try to hurt them and their neighbors. Cracking down on crime is not a social experiment and should not be given over to those who side with the criminal over the victim. Ryan will Back the Badge and support legislation and policies that put the safety of our families and our communities over coddling the criminals.

Small Business


The small businesses that make up the vast majority of our economy should not be looked upon as expendable to a government seeking more power and tax money. Policies that encouraged people to stay home rather than seek a job and regulations that caused our businesses to close should never be allowed to happen again. Ryan has worked for and continues to talk to and learn from those families who fuel our economy with their small businesses. He will support legislation that supports them.



For years there has been a call for parents to get more involved in the education of their children. A strong public education system is the backbone of our society. Ryan is a proud product of the West Salem school district. But across the state, the poorly handled Covid lockdowns by administrators and teachers in schools gave parents a rare chance to see what their children were being taught. Rather than learning the subjects they will need to succeed, parents saw their children being fed the latest educational fad or social justice cause. Ryan supports the efforts by the legislature to expand School Choice to provide children the opportunity to learn where they will thrive, as well as laws that give parents access to the materials their children are learning and oversight of how school funding is spent.

Clean Water


Ryan knows the importance of clean water in each of our communities. The discovery of PFAS and other chemicals in our water pose a threat to the most fundamental need we have as humans. As a legislative aide, Ryan worked on legislation designed to limit and clean up the chemicals that would hurt our water supply. As our representative, he will introduce legislation that carries on that fight to ensure we have the clean water necessary to live, and that we protect it for future generations.

Health Care


The Coulee Region is home to world class health care. Regardless of the injury or need, everyone should have access to the health care that will give them the best quality of life. Ryan will support policies that give each of us the opportunity to get the health care we deserve.